RAFT Recovery is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) for adults that provides experienced services for Addictions and disrupted Behavioral Health related issues.


Coach and educate those regarding addiction issues, addictive behaviors and codependency. Provide volunteer lawn maintenance help for seniors with limited mobility and resources.


Addictive Behaviors, alcoholism and other drug lifestyles are like dominos, they knock down the person who uses them, and that person knocks down everyone else around them. While alcohol and other drugs take an incredible toll on the abuser, they also take an incredible toll on the family.

The height of codependency is living under the shadow of somebody else’s addiction. Whether you are a parent, partner, or a child … family members struggle with the phenomena of enabling the addict. The codependent, from a place of both fear and love, strives to control the addicted person’s behavior, yet these enabling behaviors only fuels the addiction and ultimately negatively impacts all involved. One of the most important messages you need to truly grasp is that you are powerless over anyone’s addiction, whether the addiction is a substance or a behavior. Without grasping this concept you stay controlled by the disease.

Not only is the family deserving of recovery but also, their recovery has a direct impact on the ongoing recovery of the addicted person.

Claudia B.